Buy Data on MTN with USSD Code

To purchase a data bundle with USSD Code on the MTN network; dial *312# and select ‘1’ for Data Plans.

Available Data Plans

Daily Bundles

  1. N50 for 40MB
  2. N100 for 100MB
  3. N100 for 350MB (IG/TT/YT)
  4. N200 for 200MB
  5. N300 for 1GB
  6. N700 for 3GB
  7. N500 for 2GB
  8. N500 for 2.5GB
  9. N25 for 250MB (Nightlife)
  10. N50 for 500MB (Nightlife)
  11. N300 for 750MB (3-day plan)
  12. N25 for WhatsApp daily)
  13. N50 Jolly Combo Offer
  14. N100 Jolly Combo Offer
  15. N50 Betamix Mini (40MB & 2mins)
  16. N100 Betamix Max (100MB & 4mins).

Weekly Bundles

  1. N200 for 1GB (IG/TT/YT)
  2. N500 for 1.5GB
  3. N500 for 750MB (14 days)
  4. N500 for 1GB
  5. N1,800 for 7GB
  6. N1,500 for 6GB
  7. N50 for WhatsApp weekly
  8. N500 for 750MB (YouTube bundle).

Monthly Bundles

  1. N1,000 for 1.5GB
  2. N1,200 for 2GB
  3. N1,500 for 3GB
  4. N2,000 for 4.5GB
  5. N2,500 for 6GB
  6. N3,000 for 10GB
  7. N3,500 for 12GB
  8. N5,000 for 20GB
  9. N6,000 for 25GB
  10. N10,000 for 40GB
  11. N15,000 for 75GB
  12. N20,000 for 120GB
  13. N30,000 for 200GB.

Buy Data on MTN with myMTN app

Download myMTN app from PlayStore or App Store to get direct access to your MTN line from your phone. It offers various benefits such as seamless access to information regarding your line, subscription to data plans and bundles, and managing your line.

Here is an easy way to subscribe to data bundles with myMTN app. Follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Login to myMTN app
  2. Select the Data Bundles option
  3. Select your preferred data plan — daily, weekly, or monthly.
  4. Confirm your purchase and enjoy internet access with no interruption.

To get started, download MyMTN app from Play Store or App Store. There’s more you can do with the mobile app.

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