Here’s a step-by-step guide for installing an eSIM on an Android phone using a QR code.

Before you begin, ensure the following:

  1. Your Android phone supports eSIM functionality.
  2. Your Android phone is not locked to a specific carrier.
  3. You have a device capable of displaying the QR code or the option to print it on paper.

Also, you need to have stable internet connection to complete eSIM installation.

Guide 1 – Scan QR code

Go into Settings, and navigate to Network & internet > SIMs or tap on a + icon to Add a network.

Guide 2

On the ‘Connect to mobile network’ page, select Download a SIM instead? then tap Next.

At this stage, your camera is activated and prepared to scan the QR code. Just aim your camera at the QR code. Once the code is scanned, you’ll see the name of your mobile carrier. On this page, tap “Download” to initiate the eSIM installation process.

Start using eSIM for data

You can choose this line (eSIM) to use for data whenever you like. You can also enable Roaming or set up APN (Access Point Name) here as needed.

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