Samsung Display has unveiled its most recent innovation: a borderless touchscreen OLED display designed for smartphones.

Presenting Our Current Knowledge

Introducing the All Around Full Screen Technology

Referred to as “All Around Full Screen,” this groundbreaking technology has emerged. While Samsung has yet to release official specifications, insiders have unveiled a marketing image that provides a glimpse. The OLED screen depicted in the image is seamlessly devoid of frames. It’s what’s known as a “waterfall” display, a design that has garnered mixed reactions among users. Unlike the traditional “waterfall” where the curves are confined to the sides, this version extends to all four edges.

The manufacturer highlights that the curved edges of the display offer functionality, such as adjusting brightness and volume. Additionally, the company is committed to enhancing the under-screen front camera technology to ensure a display that remains uninterrupted by frames or cutouts.

Currently a conceptual innovation, this is not yet a fully realized bezel-less device. However, there is little doubt that it has the potential to set a new trend in the dynamic smartphone market.

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