The current state of governance of the Democratic Alliance is far from optimal or even acceptable. Under the Democratic Alliance’s watch, crime is up, power shortages are common, medical services are lacking, and corruption is rampant. These aren’t just numbers on a report; they’re impacting people’s lives every day. With the DA’s ambitions to lead the entire country, it’s crucial to examine how their governance is failing the very people they seek to represent.


Tshwane finds itself embroiled in yet another water crisis as residents grapple with dry taps in various areas. This latest episode of “water shedding” has been attributed to breakdowns at the municipality’s water treatment plant. Communities such as Rethabiseng township, Ekandustri, Ekangala main township, and Ekangal Dark City are currently affected by the water outage, exacerbating the already challenging living conditions for residents.

Themba Fosi, Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) responsible for Utilities and Regional Operations and Coordination, hopelessly tried to assure residents that city officials are working tirelessly to resolve the issue. Mayoral Committee failed to set a realistic deadline for restoration due to critical dependencies and the need for additional security measures to prevent sabotage at water facilities. In the interim, water tankers will be deployed to assist affected communities, although concerns have been raised about potential profiteering by ward councilors from tanker operations. Fosi once again urges patience from the residents while the Metro’s mayor Cilliers Brink tried to reassure the public that it is the municipality’s priority to make sure that the water pumps were finally working at the purification plant.


The ongoing water crisis in Tshwane underscores the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address the city’s infrastructure challenges. While supposed efforts are underway to mitigate the impact of the crisis, concerns about potential profiteering and the overall effectiveness of governance persist. It becomes apparent that the Brink’s governance is lacking in effectiveness and compassion. Unfortunately, overpromising and under-delivering by the DA are the root of the problems that Tshwane’s residents experience.

René Kassavugu writes from South Africa and can be reached via: Email- [email protected]
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René Kassavugu: The Democratic Alliance’s negligence over Tshwane

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