What’s MDM?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software designed for businesses which help manage and secure employees’ mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, MacBooks and laptops. MDM allows businesses to perform tasks such as:

  • Lock the device
  • Real-time Surveillance
  • Delete data
  • Uninstall applications
  • Configure and moderate settings
  • Location tracking
  • Manage security policy

MDM also helps businesses protect their data, prevent data loss, and ensure that mobile devices are used properly. 

How Can I Bypass MDM Lock On My MacBook?

Step 1.  After resetting the device, at the Hello screen, press the power button for a long time to turn off the device.

Step 2:  Go to  Recovery

On Intel:  Hold down  CMD + R  at startup

On M chips: 

  • Power on for about 9-10 seconds until the text:  Continue holding for startup options to appear.
  • Continue holding your hand until the text:  Loading Startup Options… appears  , then you can lift your hand off the power button. Wait a moment and the Startup Options screen will appear.

Step 3:  After entering Recovery, select  Options . You need to  select User Name , click  Next ,  Enter the device login password

Step 4:  Select Safari

Step 5: Type in the address bar:vnrom.net/mdm

Step 6:  Copy the code on the screen. Then look at the upper left corner and select Quit Safari

Step 7:  After exiting Safari, you will return to the original Recovery screen. Look up and select  Utilities >  Terminal

Step 8:  Press  Cmd + V  to paste the command you just copied above> Then  type number 1  >  Enter  to run the command

Step 8:  Enter  Name, Username, Password  according to instructions. If you leave it as default, press  Enter 3 times . The default user will be  MAC > Password is:  1234

Then type Reboot to reboot and there you go……. you’re done. The device will skip the initial setup steps and display the login screen. Enter the password set above (Or  1234  if default)

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