The residents of Zamfara State have cried out that they are only existing but not living, owing to the serious economic hardship facing them.

According to millet seller Ibrahim Isah, the escalating prices of foodstuffs have discouraged people from patronising the markets.

“We depend on customers, but now there is no cheap food for anyone to buy in the markets,” he lamented.

A welder, Mr Ezeugo, told DAILY POST that he could not remember the last time his family ate chicken.

“Due to the economic hardship, coupled with the hike in petroleum products, we are not receiving patronage as people are thinking of how to provide food for their families,” he added.

According to him, he has been battling to settle his children’s school fees but has yet to find a solution and two of his children are presently out of school due to economic constraints.

Another respondent, Madam Blessing, told DAILY POST that she had folded her business in Tudunwada market as she was not getting patronage from buyers.

A fourth respondent, Madam Grace, avowed that everybody in the country is feeling the pain of economic hardship. She stressed that the only solution for the country is divine intervention, as bandits are not letting up in their nefarious activities.

Zamfara residents cry over high cost of living

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