Irked by the relatively high cost of living in Nigeria, the United Marketers Association Potiskum, UMAPO, organized a special prayer seeking God’s intervention in the current economic realities in the country.

The prayer held at Government Day Secondary School, GDSS, playground in Potiskum town attracted dozens of men, women, children as well as religious scholars.

They observed two units of congregational prayer seeking solace from God as the situation seems to defy man-made solutions.

Briefing newsmen at the venue of the special prayer, the Executive Chairman, UMAPO Potiskum, Nasiru Alhaji Mato, said they were compelled by the current economic crisis to organize the prayers to ask God for succor.

According to him “God says that anytime you are facing challenges, you should go back to Him and seek for His forgiveness and way out.

“Nowadays, things are becoming difficult, people are hungry and life is becoming unbearable day by day; the cost of living is shooting up that is why we gathered people under our platform to pray for relief”.

He added that since the removal of fuel subsidy, prices of foodstuffs and other essential commodities have been increasing, leading to unbearable hardships and this is coming as there is high unemployment rate in the country.

When asked about the Federal Government’s palliative program, he said it is a temporary move and not a sustainable solution.

Mato appealed to the federal, state, and local governments to constitute a committee that would come up with practical solutions to stabilise the economy and find a sustainable way of reducing the high cost of living in Nigeria.

Yobe business community holds special prayer against inflation, high cost of living in Nigeria

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