The Association of Women Living With HIV in Nigeria has urged religious leaders to preach non-discriminatory messages within their congregations.

The Association said this during an event held on Friday in Jalingo, Taraba State, marking the observance of International Women’s Day, IWD.

It underscored the significance of allowing women living with HIV to freely choose their life partners, citing advancements in HIV treatment that considerably diminished transmission risks.

They illustrated their point with examples of discordant couples who have cohabited for more than two decades without any transmission incidents, even raising children together.

Emphasizing the indispensable role of women and girls in HIV programs, the association cautioned against neglecting their needs, warning that such oversight could undermine the efficacy of interventions and ultimately lead to failure.

Under the leadership of their National Coordinator, Esther Hindi, the association implored both state and national authorities to incorporate women living with HIV into social investment funds and conditional cash transfer programs.

Advocates stressed that targeted investment in initiatives tailored to women and girls would alleviate the hardships faced by women living with HIV, not only in Taraba State but nationwide.

They appealed to governments, donors, and stakeholders to prioritize and expedite funding for these pivotal endeavors.

Furthermore, the advocates highlighted the pressing necessity to economically empower women living with HIV, enabling them to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

They underscored the importance of active participation in programs aimed at preventing mother-to-child transmission, emphasizing the unique contributions of mentor mothers in ensuring the success of such initiatives.

Women living with HIV call for inclusive religious messages, government support

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