Controversial Nigeria singer, Portable has explained why he engaged in a physical altercation with Young Duu’s manager, Onlyone Kesh.

DAILY POST reports that Portable was captured in a viral clip on the internet fighting Kesh at a Lagos bar.

Speaking in an Instagram live session on Friday night, Portable explained that the fight was initiated by Kesh, whom he accused of disrespecting him during their encounter at an event.

Portable revealed that Kesh’s inappropriate approach triggered the conflict.

He emphasized that Kesh addressed him in a manner suggesting familiarity, using the term ‘oh boy’ as though they were mate.

Young duu came to me and said oh boy ,like I’m his mate, that’s why I slapped his hand – Portable

— Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) December 22, 2023

Why I beat up Young Duu’s manager – Portable [VIDEO]

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