WhatsApp has been making significant strides in recent weeks. With consistent new updates and features being introduced, Meta is delivering on its earlier promise of ongoing enhancements.

WhatsApp now supports HD video. When the update arrives on your phone, you will notice that when sending a video, you get the option to choose HD quality. Simply tap the resolution button before sending a video, and you can pick between Standard quality and HD quality.

Standard quality, which was the only option until now, compresses video files to 480p resolution, which, to be honest, is quite low quality, given that many smartphones these days shoot not only at 1080p but also 4K and 8K resolution for video. But sure, choosing the Standard quality option can be helpful, especially if you’re dealing with limited data or have a slower internet connection.

The fresh HD quality alternative transmits videos in 720p resolution, marking a noteworthy upgrade from the previous 480p standard. Prior to sending an image or video, WhatsApp will provide the file size for each available choice.

Should you have captured an exceptionally stunning moment in 4K or higher resolution and wish to share it with your friends without compromising on quality, you can conveniently select to send the video in its native resolution as a document.

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