The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry has been criticized for visiting a military hospital in Kaduna State.

During his visit to the hospital, Prince Harry promised to support wounded soldiers.

But some foreign reports said the Duke left his wife, Meghan Markle in Abuja while traveling to an “unsafe territory”.

Condemning the reports, Nigerian socio-political activist, Reno Omokri said Harry should not have visited if he knew Nigeria was “unsafe.”

Posting on X, Omokri accused Harry of de-marketing Nigeria, hence should return to England.

He wrote: “All this does is make Prince Harry look like a hero at Nigeria’s expense. If the Duke of Sussex felt that Nigeria was ‘unsafe’, why did he visit?

“He was not invited. He invited himself and his wife, and they inserted themselves into Nigeria. Now, their PR people are painting Harry as a hero who visited an unsafe country.

“More people have died from knife crimes in London than there have been murders in Abuja. Please fact-check me: Last year, 244 people were killed in knife crimes in England.

“England has become the knife crime capital of the West. If anywhere should be considered unsafe, why should it be Nigeria and not the United Kingdom?

“Just last week, Daniel Anjorin, a 14-year-old boy of Nigerian descent, was killed in London in a knife crime incident. How many Britons have been killed in Nigeria this decade? To my best knowledge, none!

“Prince Harry should go and save England from knife crimes rather than de-market Nigeria as an unsafe country.”

Stop de-marketing Nigeria – Omokri knocks Prince Harry over reports of visiting ‘unsafe’ territory’

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