Billionaire businessman and founder of Starlink, Elon Musk, says the telecommunications firm is under pressure due to the geomagnetic solar storm ravaging the Earth.

Musk disclosed this in a terse statement on Saturday on his official X handle.

He blamed the disruption on the intensifying solar storm.

“Major geomagnetic solar storm happening right now. Biggest in a long time. Starlink satellites are under a lot of pressure, but holding up so far”, he wrote.

Musk’s statement follows the dramatic sun blast that set off the highest-level geomagnetic storm in Earth’s atmosphere on Friday.

Officials from Noaa’s Space Weather Prediction Center, SWPC, have issued a Severe (G4) Geomagnetic Storm Watch, the first time such a warning has been issued since January 2005.

The forecasters said the rare strength of these storms may make aurora visible “as far south as Alabama and Northern California” in the United States, adding that storm conditions could persist through the weekend.

Starlink under alot pressure – Elon Musk raises alarm over solar storm

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