Two North Korean teenage boys were on Thursday sentenced to 12 years of hard labour for watching K-dramas.

According to the BBC, the boys can be seen being restrained with handcuffs in front of a large crowd of students at an open-air stadium.

K-drama is short for ‘Korean drama’ which pertains to television series created in South Korea. The series seem to be filmed in 2022.

The video includes a narrator saying, “The rotten puppet regime’s culture has spread even to teenagers. They are just 16 years old, but they ruined their own future,” BBC reports.

There is currently a ban on South Korean entertainment, including television shows, in North Korea.

However, some individuals are willing to take the chance of facing severe consequences to watch K-dramas, which enjoy immense popularity worldwide, particularly in Nigeria.

In 2022, one of the most-watched series on Netflix Nigeria is “Alchemy of Souls,” a Korean drama.

North Korea: 2 teenage boys sentenced to hard labour for watching K-drama

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