The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has disclosed that the morale of wounded Nigerian soldiers receiving treatment at the military hospital in Kaduna is low.

On Friday, Prince Harry visited the Nigerian Army Reference Hospital in Kaduna State as part of his activities in the country.

During his visit, Harry engaged wounded soldiers and their families.

However, speaking at a reception organised by the Defence Headquarters in Abuja on Saturday, he said the injuries of the wounded soldiers are defining their current lives.

He said, “I will tell you a story from yesterday when I visited the Kaduna Hospital. I met with approximately 50 wounded and injured service personnel.

“50 of them were lying down in the hospital on their bed, and I am sure anyone wouldn’t mind me saying that morale was low.

“I can see it in their faces and I can see it in their eyes — That as far as they were concerned, their injuries were now defining their lives.

“Now, there were two that were a little different. They had smiles on their faces. One of them was doing push-ups on his bed, and I was intrigued and I remembered them because I saw them in Germany.

“What it reminded me of is the power of seeing what is possible post-injury. These individuals witnessed it themselves and they came back to have new operations.

“They knew their lives were not going to be defined by the injuries of the past, and that is what this is all about. That is what this new centre that you are building is going to be all about as well.”

Morale of wounded soldiers low – Prince Harry on experience at Kaduna military hospital

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