Lagos State Government has vowed to prosecute truck drivers for destruction of restriction barriers in the State

The State Government said that following several warnings urging truck drivers to be mindful of the height restriction barriers (truck barriers) for articulated vehicles installed at Stadium, Ojuelegba and Dorman Long Bridges, it has now resolved to commence prosecution of the drivers found culpable.

A statement signed by the Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi said the barriers which were mounted to forestall incessant articulated vehicle accidents which have claimed lives and property in the State, were often wantonly destroyed by some truck drivers with ignominy immediately after they were installed, leaving the State with no other choice than prosecution.

He explained that the unruly behaviour of the truck drivers posed severe threat to the safety of all road users and the general public hence it will no longer be tolerated.

“Any willful destruction of public property is a criminal offence and the Lagos State Government is committed to prosecuting offenders within the ambit of the law,” he said.

The Commissioner, therefore, urged the general public to recognise the importance of these safety measures and “report any suspicious activities to the Ministry of Transportation through 09038208154 or 09034810153 as their cooperation is in line with the safety and integrity of public infrastructure.”

Lagos Govt vows to prosecute truck drivers over destruction of barriers

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