Kidnappers who attacked the Nigerian Army estate in Kurudu, Abuja, have demanded a ransom of over N30 million for the release of Barrister Cyril Adikwu’s wife and two of his in-laws.

DAILY POST reports that the abduction took place on Thursday around 10:00 pm.

Adikwu, who managed to escape during the invasion at his residence on the estate, revealed that he is in direct communication with the kidnappers, who have set a specific timeframe for the payment of the ransom.

Recounting how it happened, Adikwu said, “It all happened on Thursday at about 10:00 pm when a vehicle containing those who were kidnapped drove into my compound, and then all of a sudden the kidnappers followed the vehicle into my compound.

“There were about 8 of them, and they walked through the bush path over the hill to the other side.”

Adikwu stated that he is traumatized by the incident, and the kidnappers have been actively communicating with him, stressing the urgency of the ransom payment.

While not disclosing the exact amount demanded, Adikwu confirmed that it exceeds N30 million.

“I was called to provide a ransom; I don’t want to mention the amount because already false information is everywhere in the media about the whole incident, but I can assure you it’s more than 30 million,” he told Vanguard.

Kidnappers demand N30m ransom for victims abducted from Nigerian Army Estate in Abuja

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