A senior Consultant and Public Affairs analyst, Abdulsalam Suleiman Izuagbe, on Friday, linked saboteurs who campaigned against President Bola Tinubu to the kidnap of school students in Kaduna.

Izuagbe said the saboteurs are bent on tarnishing the image of Tinubu and his administration through the kidnap of students and general insecurity.

DAILY POST reported that terrorists, on Thursday morning, stormed LGEA Primary School, Kuriga (1), Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State and kidnapped about 285 pupils and teachers.

Condemning the incident, the Sokoto-based public affairs analyst faulted the inability of security agencies to use modern technological equipment like drones in tracking down terrorists.

Speaking with DAILY POST, Izuagbe said, “Issues of insecurity are bothering this country and institutions that are supposed to be up and doing about it are saying they are doing their best but it is not good enough because what happened in Rigachuku in Kaduna State where over 230 students were kidnapped about 48 hours ago is very touching.

“It’s not something we can wish away because something has to be done, what sort of arrangement were they having that would allow them to move over 200 students, this means they were not moving very fast, thereby, making security operatives go after them.

“A situation where the security agencies are not using standard technological means like drones to track these people is very painful.

”Where are we using 1070 systems for signals, Nigerian Army is supposed to have modern gadgets to get these people. Let those responsible be made to face the music, we have different provisions in the laws of this country but implementation is the only problem.

“State police have to be created so that the people will be recruited from local areas where they will operate and know who is a criminal and their hideout. The structure can be so designed that the head of the state police would be a Chief superintendent of Police or Assistant Commissioner reporting to the Commissioner in that state. One department will be state police the other one will be federal.

“The Commissioner of Police can now report to the AIG in that zone who will reach out to the IGP. Drones should be engaged to track these people. A Nigerian based in the UK, Yunusa Jibril said he discovered an Artificial Intelligence system that can be used to identify and eliminate bandits in Nigeria. So, what are we waiting for, Nigeria should get across to him.

“Why are we not using modern gadgets, what’s the purpose of linking NIN to bank accounts and SIM cards, it is to aid police and intelligence agencies in tracking criminals among us, arresting and dealing with them. The abduction of over 200 students in Kaduna reminds us of when Buhari was on holiday in Daura and 300 students were kidnapped and it took days of negotiation before they were released. We can’t continue like this, who will be the next target? To be living in fear in a modern society is the failure of the security system. The DSS, EFCC, Police, and Army, who are they waiting for? it’s a shame that they can just carry people’s children away.

“We can’t rule out the issue of saboteur because this kidnap was so well planned that they invaded the school at 8.30am after assembly. You can’t rule out the possibility that those who campaigned against Tinubu are working against the system to make this government and the president a failure, but they don’t know that they are doing it to the greater society and not Tinubu as a person. they are narrow-minded, backward people who make decisions without thinking twice, they have to be stopped.”

Kaduna Kidnap: Saboteurs against Tinubu – Analyst, Izuagbe condemn terrorist attack

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