Environmental experts under the aegis of the Coalition Against Illegal Logging And Mining Activities, CAILAMA, in Cross River State, have called on the Nigeria Police Force to delve into the widespread report that many Chinese who are said to be uncertified have infiltrated the Okuni community.

An environmental activist, Prince Odey Oyama, who has been in the vanguard of drawing attention to the activities of the Chinese and their backers, is reported to have been summoned to police headquarters in Abuja following petitions by suspected backers of the Chinese.

In a statement signed by 20 of their members, CAILAMA called on the police to equally invite the petitioners and other backers.

“We have received information that Prince Odey Oyama has been invited by the Police at the Force Headquarters in Abuja for an interview, which is scheduled to be held on Monday, 11th of March 2024.

“Prince Odey Oyama has been leading an environmental campaign against the incursion of uncertified Chinese nationals into Okuni Community in Cross River State of Nigeria, and we are convinced that this setup is being organized by local operators who are paid to confuse the narrative and cover up the tracks for the unlawful entry of the uncertified Chinese foreign nationals into Okuni Community.

“We expect that the Nigerian Police would not be deceived by the antics of these shadowy agents of the uncertified Chinese foreign nationals who are conducting undisclosed businesses in the Okuni Community.

“For the sake of transparency and justice, let all the accusers of Odey Oyama be made to come out of the shadows and meet Prince Odey Oyama face to face at the proposed Police Interview.”

Investigate infiltration of Cross River community by uncertified Chinese miners – CSO

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