Former France striker, Thierry Henry, believes the Premier League title is in Manchester City’s hands.

In an interview with the BBC, Henry admitted that Pep Guardiola’s men are a special team and they don’t collapse.

City is two points clear of Arsenal ahead of the final-day fixtures.

A win for the champions against West Ham at home will seal a fourth consecutive title.

“It’s in their hands and I know how I would have been,” Henry said.

“I’ve seen them doing it so many times to the (Sergio) Aguero moment, to the Tottenham game the other day to whatever.

“I’ve seen them not collapsing so it bothers me to think that they will. But the fan on the other side, the fan on the other side is like, ‘Hey listen, you never know what can happen’.”

EPL final day: They are special – Thierry Henry names team to win title

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