Akwa Ibom State governor, Umo Eno has reassured of his commitment to live up to expectations and deliver the desired dividends of democracy to his people as the governor.

In his Easter broadcast on Sunday, Governor Eno said though people are facing economic woes and anxieties, just as Christ overcame death, they will overcome the troubles and come out victorious.

According to him, “We remain dedicated to turning the challenges and anxieties of today into opportunities for growth and expansion tomorrow. That explains the intentional manner we have gone about tackling the harsh economic realities we are currently facing.

“When nations or subnationals are confronted with dire economic circumstances, leaders devise means of addressing the needs of the people – short, medium and long term. That is precisely what we have done by showing compassion, love and attention to the most vulnerable and the neediest among us. I’ll do all I can to live up to the faith and trust you reposed in me.”

“The headwinds of the harsh economic atmosphere arising from the removal of fuel subsidy has affected us all, especially those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. Thankfully, it was as if we knew this moment would come, as the key focal point of our governance blueprint, the ARISE Agenda, places a huge premium on agricultural revolution, aimed at ensuring food security for our people.”

Easter: I’ll do my best to live up to trust reposed in me – Gov Eno

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