As Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has advised religious leaders to go back to the true teachings of Christ.

Giwa, in his Easter message made available to journalists in Akure on Sunday, said he finds it difficult to believe that Jesus would come back to meet “faith” on the earth.

Specifically, the pastor criticized some religious leaders who continue to conduct fake miracles in the church of God.

“Can we all use this season to reflect on the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ? Did Jesus actually die for us to be saved?

“Are we truly following Christ’s teachings, or have we derailed from them? To me, what is going on in Christendom is disappointing.

“The devil is laughing at us, and he is currently working round the clock to ensure that we lead our members astray.

“Many of us are now storing treasures on earth, not in heaven anymore. Fake prophecies and miracles have taken over the church.

“We are not by the word of God by using one woman to stage fake miracles. Why should we also forsake the teachings of salvation but instead preach prosperity?

“Some of us have turned the church into a “playhouse ” where the audience sits while watching the show. Going by what is happening in the body of Christ, I align with the word spoken by Jesus Christ in Luke 18:8 that he would find faith on earth when he returns.

“There is still time to amend our ways and obey the voice of God, our creator. Let us use this season to search our souls deeply and start working our way to heaven.

“We should be reminded that only those who live by the word of God have a living hope in the resurrection of Christ.”

Easter: Difficult to believe Jesus will meet faith on earth – Pastor Giwa

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