Borussia Dortmund could lose money if they defeat Real Madrid in this year’s Champions League final.

This is because of the agreement between both clubs for the transfer of Jude Bellingham last summer.

Bellingham’s deal with Real contained a number of clauses related to the Champions League, as reported by Rhur Nachrichten.

If the England midfielder lifts the European Cup with Madrid, then Los Blancos will have to pay a further £4.3 million to Dortmund.

Another payment of £1.7m will have to be made if Bellingham is included in the Champions League Team of the Season.

The losing finalist earns £12.9m in prize money, which would total £19.3m for Dortmund when added with the bonuses for Bellingham.

If Dortmund wins in London next month they would make less than that sum, with the prize money standing at £17.2m for the winner.

Champions League: Dortmund to lose money if they beat Real Madrid in final

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