Biafra Republic Government in Exile, BRGIE, has condemned the alleged attack on Igga community in Uzo-Uwani local Government Area of Enugu State by security operatives.

Reports had alleged that a combined security operatives led by the Nigeria Police Force burnt down the community, killing some villagers.

According to the report, the attack followed the killing of two policemen and three members of the Enugu State Neighbourhood Watch Group by hoodlums in the area.

Reacting, BRGIE in a statement issued on Tuesday by its Prime Minister, Simon Ekpa, alleged that the move was aimed at crippling the movement for the liberation of Biafra as a sovereign state, stressing that the freedom fighters were not deterred.

Part of the statement reads, “The Biafra Government condemns the attack by the Nigerian security forces where they burnt down the Igga community in Uzo-Uwani local Government Area of Enugu State, killing villagers.

“There is nothing that justifies the attack and the Nigeria State will be held responsible.

“Resorting to attack can never deter the ongoing Biafra Liberation.

“As a nation, we can never be pushed to the wall nor intimidated by acts of terrorism perpetrated by terrorists who do not like the Biafran value of peace, unity, progress and equity.

“The government has since adopted the zero tolerance for terrorism and so therefore, the Biafra values and way of life will prevail and Nigerian sponsored terrorism will not.”

BRGIE condemns Nigerian security forces attack on Enugu community

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