The wife of Bauchi State Governor Hajiya Aisha Bala Mohammed, has inaugurated a steering committee to monitor and address mental health concerns in the state.

Hajiya Aisha also rolled out the mental health helpline for use by members of the public for quick response on mental health issues.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the Hazibal Hotel, Bauchi, on Friday , the First Lady emphasized the critical importance of mental health intervention within health facilities and communities.

The event was organised by the State Ministry of Health in collaboration with Plan International, Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

According to her, the State Mental Health Steering Committee will help coordinate, strengthen, and implement mental health interventions in the state.

“Traditionally, mental health services focused on secondary prevention, detecting and treating disorders after their onset. However, converging evidence highlights the potential of primary preventive and promotion strategies.

“By addressing mental health early, we can prevent worsening conditions, reduce suffering, and enhance overall well-being. I therefore call the attention of all relevant stakeholders and partners to come up with innovations and strategies on how best mental health interventions in communities would be strengthened.

“It is in this view that the State Mental Health Steering Committee will be established, following directives from the FMoH.

“The mental health steering committee will ensure proper coordination, strengthening and implementation of mental health interventions in the state,” she said.

Emphasising the significance of mental health intervention, she highlighted that mental health encompasses emotional well-being, resilience, and the ability to cope with life’s challenges.

Bauchi Gov’s wife inaugurates committee to address mental health concerns

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