Renowned female sportscaster and politician, Modele Sharafa-Yusuf has emphasized on the need for every citizen to be active in politics.

According to her, she went into active politics because “we can’t leave the space for career politicians who have held us by the jugular for so long.”

Modele said this in a recent interview with ace broadcaster and media personality, Kikelomo Atanda-Owo on the ‘Interviewing The Interviewer’ series on her TV show.

Speaking on her transition from sportscasting to politics, she said, “I just wanted to contribute to the political scene. I stopped being an active journalist about 20 years ago and I’ve done alot of things in that 20 years span.

She went on to add that her motivation to be actively involved in politics is “service and the fact that we can’t leave the space for the same career politicians who have held us by the jugular for so long, i’m not saying that they’re all bad, but if we all stay back and say politics is a dirty game, then the same set of people keep ruling and whatever they do impacts us all.”

Modele also spoke on the challenges that keep women away from politics saying, “its a very cash demanding and intensive venture and women are not always to able to raise as much money as men, and also its time consuming and for young women that have to worry about their kids and husband it can be quite demanding.”

DAILY POST recalls that in 2022, Modele Sarafa-Yusuf declared her intention to run for the governorship ticket in Ogun State on the platform of the All Progressives Congress. She, however, lost at the primaries to the incumbent Governor, Dapo Abiodun.

Why Nigerian women stay away from politics – Modele Sharafa-Yusuf

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