The Tiv Cultural and Social Association, TCSA, has hit out at the Taraba State Government over its perceived failure to address the recurrent Tiv-Jukun crisis that has persisted since April 1, 2019.

Speaking at a press conference in Jalingo on Monday, the association highlighted the extended conflict between the Tiv and Jukun communities in Southern Taraba, expressing deep concern and calling for immediate government intervention.

Led by its President General, James Baka, the TCSA alleged that returning internally displaced persons, IDPs, are facing threats and harassment, a development which has raised doubts on the sustainability of the peace achieved in the affected areas.

The association urged both the federal and state governments to swiftly bring an end to the crisis, ensure the security of displaced persons, and safeguard their civic rights.

Expressing concerns about the alleged partiality of the Nigerian Army, the TCSA accused them of hindering the return of IDPs to their homes.

Specific villages identified as under military control by the group include Tor Musa, Tor Lorshagher, Daa, Ikyernum, among others.

Appealing to the Chief of Army Staff, the TCSA called for an investigation into their claims, urging decisive action and the deployment of neutral army officers to protect returning IDPs.

The association also appealed for government assistance, relief materials, and increased security for the returning displaced persons.

Directing their plea at the state governor, the TCSA urged him to visit returning IDPs in Wukari, provide them with a sense of belonging and instil confidence in the government’s commitment to resolve the crisis.

Tiv association calls for urgent govt action amid Southern Taraba crisis

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