Embarking on an enduring journey, we envision a transformative evolution characterized by swift growth and advancement across diverse business verticals.

I am delighted to paint a vivid picture of our journey at Maser, a voyage that transcends mere corporate growth and ventures into the realms of transformative experiences and dynamic aspirations. As we navigate the transformative landscape of consumer electronics, our narrative unfolds against the backdrop of Africa, a continent that has not only shaped us but also witnessed our rise to unicorn status, a rare achievement in the hardware business.

Reflecting on our 2023 fiscal year, we are immensely proud of our accomplishments, culminating in an impressive 60X returns for our shareholders. The audited financials, showcasing Revenue of 500 million USD and a valuation of 1.9 billion USD, underscore our commitment to profitability and success.

These financial milestones, backed by our audacious vision, propel us to expand beyond borders, reaching into Europe, the Americas, and beyond, with a goal to redefine the global smart TV market.
We strive to bolster our competitive strengths within our current ventures, ensuring an uninterrupted forward momentum. In emerging spheres critical to shaping future lifestyles, including AI, IoT, robotics, and the metaverse, our steadfast commitment is directed towards leveraging our robust technologies and capabilities.

This unwavering approach empowers us to deftly confront novel challenges with innovative solutions, propelling us into the vanguard of technological evolution.
In parallel, we are not merely focused on expanding our core business but also contributing actively to the African tech ecosystem. The partnership with the African Financial Federation exemplifies our dedication to empowering African entrepreneurs and fostering digital prosperity across the continent. Our collaborative venture with MDR Investments, has led us to acquire Large Cap assets such as shipping and mining in the African market, showcasing our resilience and foresight, and creating a rewarding investment experience that propels us forward into 2024.
In our journey, each crisis has been an opportunity to reiterate the essence of our business—a surprisingly simple truth that guides us. The year 2024 is not just about generating new values; it is about creating possibilities through cutting-edge technologies that enhance the daily lives of our African customers.

With strategic capital expenditures and a robust focus on research and development, we have laid the foundation for sustained expansion and achieved significant milestones in sustainability management. At Maser, our commitment to climate change mitigation through exponential technologies aligns seamlessly with our overarching mission to be the global leader in cutting-edge consumer electronics.

I invite you to join us on this extraordinary voyage, where each step is a stride toward innovation, impact, and inclusive prosperity. Together, let us shape the future.


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