The Kano Police Command has taken action against the political clashes between members of the All Progressives Congress, APC and the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, in Gaya Local Government.

The clashes have, however, led to the injuring of so many persons and the burning of many properties in the area.

NNPP and APC supporters in Kademi, Gaya Local Government area of Kano, were engaged in a free-for-all fight, shortly after the announcement of the Supreme Court judgement in respect of the governorship election of 2023 in the State.

Reports had it that violence between the two warring factions of the APC and NNPP in Kademi town of Gaya Local Government, erupted on 16-1-2024, resulting in injury for many many party supporters who are still recuperating at the hospital.

In a report, The Police Commissioner, Muhammad Usaini Gumel, said a supporter, Habibu was playing his political songs while Alkasim who was not pleased with the music attacked and scattered the musical instrument, leading to bloodshed between the parties.

He said on each party’s side, six persons were arrested. The suspects were brought before the Emirate Council, to testify on what transpired.

Speaking while paying homage to the Emir of Gaya, Aliyu Ibrahim Gaya, the State Police Commissioner, Muhammad Usaini Gumel, said they decided to adopt the new measures of intervening in a crisis before arrests to create corrective measures before prosecution.

The Police Commissioner then warned that his Command would not tolerate such clashes in the future.

“A situation where there was a clash politically between some people celebrating the victory of the state’s NNPP government and the APC opposition leading to bloodshed is uncalled for.”

;’ Today in the entire region, there is no state enjoying peace like Kano, the need to uphold the reasons that lead to ensuring the peace is seriously needed.

“We are in Gaya to ensure that peace returns to Kademi town of Gaya with so many people being hospitalized, I urge the perpetrators to rethink their nefarious activities and allow peace to prevail, this is the first time I’m embarking on this kind of mission and it should be the last”.

Meanwhile, the Emir of Gaya, Aliyu Ibrahim Gaya, said the Emirate Council, had summoned everyone involved in the crisis in Kademi, “We are not happy with what had happened, we are taking serious measures against the barbaric actions between people of the same area, maybe the same family.”.

The Emir accused some District Heads and all other Leaders of refusing to act on the perpetrators of violent activities, watching them helplessly.

He warned that henceforth, any District Head who allows violence in his domain would pay for it.

Police Commissioner wades into political clashes in Gaya, Kano

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