The National President of of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Joe Ajaero, has expressed confidence that the negotiation of a new minimum wage between the Federal Government and the organized labour will be finalised before March this year.

Speaking in a telephone interview with newsmen on Thursday, Ajaero said, “The Federal Government had through a letter asked the organized labour to release our names to the new minimum wage committee to be constituted.

“Since last year, the list was submitted to the government and it is only when the committee is constituted that we now go into negotiation with the government as a union to agree on it.

“The existing minimum wage will be expiring by March this year, so it is hoped we may conclude the negotiation for a new minimum wage before March.”

Speaking on the wage award by the Federal Government to Nigerian workforce, he stated that only one month was paid, saying, “All should be released to the workers by the end of this year January.”

Nigerian workers expect new minimum wage before March – NLC President

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