The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Tuesday released prophecies for some African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, South Sudan, Sudan, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Togo, and Senegal.

Primate Ayodele disclosed that he foresees an assassination attempt on presidents and governors in some of the countries listed.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele revealed some of the things that will be faced by these countries and their presidents.

For Uganda, Primate Ayodele asked the president to pray for his health as he foresees trouble in the country and political confusion. He also warned the opposition leader to be careful of lawful detention.

In Tanzania, Primate Ayodele foresees economic troubles and warns the president against taking policies that will affect his political career.

For Namibia, the prophet foresees calls for the elimination of the president. He advised him to end his political ambition because there would be serious setbacks against him.

Uganda: “The president needs prayers for his health. There will be trouble in the country, oil will become low and there will be debt in the country. There will be political confusion and a change of constitution. Let us pray so they won’t see Ebola, Cholera and the rise of Covid 19. The president will pass a policy to destroy the opposition and Bobi wine should be careful against lawful detention.’’

Tanzania: “The country will be experiencing economic troubles and confusion. The president will take a policy that will affect his political career. They must pray so they won’t experience Cholera, Polio and Lassa fever. Let them pray against political turmoil in the country. They need to pray against flooding.’’

Namibia: “The country will have a lot of political tension and trouble as the incumbent will face gang-up. He should be careful not to make political miscalculations. People will be calling for his elimination. He needs to end his political ambition, he will suffer setbacks. Opposition will begin to blackmail him, he needs prayers.’’

In Mozambique, Primate Ayodele prophesied that the coming election would favour the ruling party but warned the president to be careful of political miscalculations. He also foresees political turmoil and fatal accidents.

For South Sudan, Primate Ayodele warned the president to take care of his health to avoid slumping. He urged the nation to pray so they wouldn’t experience the same situation faced in Sudan.

While speaking on Sudan, Primate Ayodele revealed that one of the rebel leaders will be assassinated if care is not taken.

Mozambique: “The president needs to do his calculations very well. There is going to be an election that will give the ruling party continuation and of course, the country must be more careful against disasters that can consume life. They must be prayerful not to see political turmoil and accidents that will claim lives. The level of poverty will become high and the president will be accused of corruption.’’

South Sudan: “If the incumbent president contests, there will be problems. The country should pray not to experience what is happening in Sudan, they are not free from insecurity. The president should take care of his health properly otherwise, he can slump. I am seeing an ethnic crisis in South Sudan. The country should pray against wrong partnerships and investors. There will be problems between the president and his political ally.’’

Sudan: If care isn’t taken, there will be an assassination of one of the rebel leaders. It is the only coalition that can lead Sudan to survival. The country will have democracy but it will be epileptic until 2026.’’

In his prophecy for Zambia, Primate Ayodele foresees stiff opposition for the president in the next election. He advised the president to do all that was needed to make his party continue.

Also, Primate Ayodele warned against the assassination or removal of a governor in Kenya. He advised the president to take care of his health while stating that he would not be appreciated for his efforts.

The prophet further warned of flooding and unexpected attacks in Togo.

Zambia: “The president will have a strong opposition though the government will bring up different tactics to frustrate the plans of the opposition. They want to keep the opposition silent. The coming election will be a strong one which will see the former president and current president at loggerheads. The president must strategize and do all that is needful to make his party continue.’’

Kenya: “The country should pray not to see an assassination or removal of a governor. The country’s economic policy will be alarming. Ruto will come up with different policies to see that Kenya gets better but he won’t be appreciated. Oppositions will come out strongly against him. All the efforts of Ruto to make Kenya better will be faced with challenges. The president needs to look after his health. The foreign exchange will not be too good, and Kenya must change its economic policies. I see the country getting it wrong in diplomatic policies. The president must pray not to lose any minister.’’

Togo: “The president will have political problems in his country and party. He will take policies to revive the political troubles in Togo. The president must pray against flooding and unexpected attacks. Let them pray against protest in his government.‘’

Other prophecies include Zimbabwe: “The people will be living below poverty, they should pray against Chicken pox and high fever. The country will also experience a climatic crisis. The president will be indicted of corruption by the West.’’

Senegal: “There will be low turnout in the coming election because the ruling party will still take the lead. The ruling party’s candidate, Amadou Bao must be careful because he will face a major challenge with his party. He will have serious issues with the incumbent president. I also see a coup threat in Senegal.’’

2024 Prophecies: I foresee assassination attempts on presidents, govs – Primate Ayodele

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